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an amalgamation of 'cuddle' and 'rape', meaning to force one to cuddle against their will
I went over to Kyle's last night to watch a movie and he tried to cuddle with me but I told him I didn't want to cuddle. The bastard held me down and cuddled with me anyway, he totally craped me!
by IndieQueen August 13, 2008
A rape with shit flying everywhere and grapes coming out your ass.
She screamed as she got craped by the mammoth.purple and brown flew everywhere.
by pspmiles November 04, 2013
like drapes, just better. And funnier.
When something is so indescribably funny.
hahaha yeah i know, crapes
by GHANAIAN November 01, 2010
Cuddle-Rape. Unwelcomed cuddling and/or physical closeness. Non-sexual. Not necessarily creepy. Highly popular in church youth groups in place of other forms of sexual contact.

When you really want to be cuddled, you force yourself upon the other person for cuddling, or force them upon you.
"I kept waking up last night because my girlfriend kept craping me."

"I fell asleep at the party last night and John was laying next to me when I woke up. I think I was craped."

John: "Oh! He's so cute! I'm gonna give him a big hug!" Sarah: "Did you just crape my kid??"
by ZZ Toppy Toperson August 29, 2011
When you get creeped on so hard, it's practically rape.
Halexa: "I got craped on last night at the Vee!"
Honda: "By who?"
Halexa: "Some crapist."
by The Crapees January 03, 2012
When you get trapped by someone crying at you. And you don't want it. You really don't want it. Please. Stop.
Yep, I was brutally craped.
by Peter Taylor1234 October 20, 2010
-The only word that should rhyme with grapes.

-the hideously anorexic monster from pan's labyrinth, also refered to as "pans labyrinth monster".
oh my god Crapes please dont eat me i'll just buy you more grapes.

that paris looks like she has crapes
by crapes fuker January 22, 2008
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