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1. synonym for george bush, justin bieber, rebecca black, twilight, etc.

2. See shit. In other words, poop, or that brown stuff that comes out of your butt.
Internet symbol of crap - ~@~

3. Stands for Cool, Rich, And Popular. (just kidding, i made that up)
1. "Hey George... the internet is filled with crap..."
"Yeah, especially Yahoo"

"crap... I'm in trouble..."

3. "Hey little random kid that I don't know! When you grow up, do you want to be cool, rich, and popular?"
"Oh I sure do! All of those!!!"
"Good, that means you want to be CRAP"
*gasp* I'm telling my mommy!
by theunknown002 July 27, 2011
4 2
a little kid's word to substitute fuck or shit
what the crap!! My sparkly pink pen is leaking!! CRAP!!
by Livin' Luvin' Laxin' 98 March 25, 2010
3 1
My favorite snack.
No job? No credit? Eat crap!
by bat_hero May 22, 2009
6 4
The junk that lies up my ass XD
Me: Hey Bob, do u know whats up in my asshole right now?

Bob: uh....crap???.......

Me: YESSS isnt it wonderful??
by Dude who makes great words XD March 19, 2009
5 3
Used as a verb, this means to defecate (or poop). The act of passing feces from the anus.
Annette needed to poop badly, so she had a crap in the toilet.
by Boris2 February 26, 2009
5 3
1. In society, crap is a synonym for feces or poop.
2. A word used to show frustration because of failure or some other unfortunate happening.
1. My crap was 3 feet long! And it clogged the toilet for 5 hrs!
2. Crap, i died again!!!! I'm quitting this game forever.
by sean the n00b March 31, 2008
7 5
Acronym for Cash Restricted Analyst Programmer. Typically someone who went into a an Information Technology related career only time find out, its relatively low paid career choice, with little or no job satisfaction.
My computer job is CRAP.

What do you do? CRAP.
by Stinblad March 31, 2007
10 8