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to have the runs or to drop little turdlets 1 at a time like pebbles into the bowl from your ass(also include droping dust from the shit choute]
omg i felt like i had shit cancer cause my ass was releasing craps.

i hav the craps open your pussy!
by I es god n00bs February 08, 2008
the runs, the shits, the trots, what happens when you eat too much taco bell and cant get off the john.
Oh man, i had to skip a date cause i had the craps.
by AndrewB May 25, 2005
not to be confused with the gambling game, craps is when 2 ppl drop trough, push their assholes together, and then one of them shits. there is betting, however, only in THIS game, you bet on whether the shit will squish or go in.
Hey you ready to play craps tonight?

ya i got my money all ready. so what casino are we going to?

.... 0.0
by Courtney R. Klein November 16, 2006
To describe something that is usually good or bad.
These Craps are mad phat! (the word "crap(s) is used as a noun to subsitute Cd's.
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
A word for people that aren't allowed to swear/cuss but think their to cool to say the work "poop".
"Did you CRAP your pants." or "Dayyyum that smells like crap."
by Poopsicle02 August 04, 2014