1. The only word in the English language with a silent 'C' at the beginning. (Alternate spelling: rap)
I can't believe you're listening to this crap.
by Andy November 30, 2004
an essential ingredient to add to some clown's dinner
don't tell randall i put a crap in his campfire soup
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
Citizens Raging Against Phones.

Founded by a group of citizens in Liberty City to protest the use of phones, they use carrier pigeons to communicate, which is occasionally intercepted by a redneck and eaten. Laslow on Chatterbox 109 has done a radio interview with the leader of CRAP.
Lazlow: "Alright, thanks caller. Ants, killer bees, fat people, what's plaguing you? Call now! Chatterbox, hello, you're on the air..."
Caller: "Err yes...I'd like to say something about these damn people trains and busses in this city who yammer on and on into cell phones. I'm really glad to hear about what your having dinner! What we should do, is herd them up, and put them on island. I am the President of a group called Citizens Raging Against Phones (C.R.A.P.)."
Lazlow: "CRAP?!?"
Caller: "Exactly!"
Lazlow: "Your organization's called 'crap,'...wh...what kind of moron are you...you wanna round people up for using a phone?!? But you...your calling up on a phone t...to tell the world about it! I...I mean, how many people are there in this 'crap'?"
Caller: "Citizens are raging against phones, Lazlow!!"
Lazlow: "How many people?"
Caller: "There are three of us. It's hard organizing meetings without the phones though. We've had to resort to carrier pigeons, and they keep disappearing."
Lazlow: "What are you speaking to me on? What...what's that in your hand?"
Caller: "I am not the problem! You are! And you're perpetuating the downfall of mankind! Liberty City was great before phones ruined everything."
Lazlow: "Liberty City was a church, a cow pasture and 3 houses when the telephone was invented!"
Caller: "Liar!!"
Lazlow: "You're the liar!"
Caller: "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"
Lazlow: "What are...are you three years old?!?"
Caller: "Lazlow's a liar, Lazlow's a liar!! I bet that isn't even your real name"
Lazlow: "Shut up!!"
Caller: "You shut up!!"
Lazlow: "Stupid!"
Caller: "Nanny nanny boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!"
Lazlow: "Ohh...we're going to commercials!"
by gta November 13, 2006
Any flame message designed to anger the writer but only succeeds at insulting the commenter's understanding of the English language.
From one "honors" student to another:

"fyi, your letter to IT sucks. maybe you actually try and write something other than a harangue. It is pretty pathetic that an 'honors' student writes such crap."
by pepper_eater February 07, 2008
Apparently, a form of music where people 'sing' about how hard life is or about hoes. Supposed to be meaningful of some sort, but mostly crap. 'Rappers' are mainly talent less drug addicts who treat women like animals and don't serve any recognition.
Man you get that new 50 cent cd?
Man, that shit is (c)rap.
by Your Favorite Son May 26, 2006
2.) An expression used to express a taboo term for nonsense, or something worthless or annoying
3.) Something

1.) Someone took a dump in the toilet and forgot to flush their crap.
2.) Crap! I dropped my books.
3.) What is this crap?
by phobodobo29 October 25, 2006
The first flush toilet was invented by a man whose last name was "Crapper" in Europe. During WWI American soliders started saying, "I am going to the crapper", or "I am going to take a crap"
During WWI American soliders started saying, "I am going to the crapper", or "I am going to take a crap"
by Donnye September 09, 2006
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