1. The only word in the English language with a silent 'C' at the beginning. (Alternate spelling: rap)
I can't believe you're listening to this crap.
by Andy November 30, 2004
u know that beautiful brown work of art that comes from what we call"your ass"

it alos means "shit"
mike: "Jesus christ! what is that smell?"
luis: "o thats my leftover crap in the toilet"

mike:"hey whats for lunch"
luis:"the crap they always serve"
by pipotino March 12, 2009
bad stuff happening to good peeps
when he was buried under his stuff he said "this crap sucks!"
by ddddhhhh May 05, 2008
poop or just plain disapointment, for those of you that are into British slang, its basicaly just like saying "Bugger"
The cops are after me! I lost my shirt to a rabid hobo! And now I have AIDS! Crap!
by fotia autos March 20, 2008
a load of bullshit, also a swear word
"I had to sit and LISTEN to that crap" (salinger 11)
by pbbt September 25, 2007
2.another word for darn
1.ew there's some crap in the toilet.
2.crap i just dropped an anchor on my foot!
by krunknerd101 April 18, 2009
Pronunciation: kræp
Part of Speech: Noun, Verb
1. Something false.
2. A slang for the word shit or rubbish.
Social situation: Used in non formal situations, such as with friends or family.
After having a huge lunch, he really needed to go take a crap.
The words he said were all untrue and nothing but crap.
That crap has been lying around for long enough, you better throw it out right away.
by dkreangdoon December 04, 2008
Kidz Bop
I can't believe 'Crap' still makes CDs!
This song is crappy.
Crap deserves to be flushed down the toilet.
by The Jacker April 14, 2010

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