when someone with no basketball skills tries making a shot from afar with a piece of garbage into the trash.
guy 1: oh dude did you see gene try that crap shot.
guy 2:yeah haha that was an epic fail.
by haha i added a word June 23, 2010
Top Definition
A phrase used to describe something of which the chances of achieving said thing are so low, doing so feels like winning the lottery.
Father: Don't get depressed about not getting that scholarship son; it was a crap shot at best. Out of the thousands that applied for it, they awarded it to two, maybe three people. I’ve applied for jobs I knew I was 100% qualified for and would have made an excellent employee. I never heard anything.

Son: Why?

Father: Because they get so many applicants that someone even seeing my resume is a 500 to 1 shot.

Son: Rather like that scholarship. Although I had the grades and other requirements, so many other people applied that the odds of even hearing from them were like one on a thousand.

Father: Exactly, it was a crap shot. But, although it’s a crap shot, keep trying. Some day you’ll be the one guy in a 1000 they select.
by Anonymous August 08, 2004
A screenshot of a bug, usually done by QA for the software developers.
- My screen is half grey!
- Could you please take the crapshot, grandma?
- sends whatsapp message
- Oh, why have you pulled the task bar all the way up?
by bugpower March 03, 2014
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