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noun. An acute condition where a sudden urge to shit abruptly afflicts the patient, compelling him or her to make an undignified scramble to the nearest bathroom.
I had a crap attack and all the stalls were occupied so I ended up shitting in the stall without the door on it.
by pauldiggy November 06, 2011
a storm of stress or unwanted external forces into one's life similar to shit storm.
Hey bro, I just got a whole heap of assignments.. CrapAttack needs to be done by next week!
by TheDaftOne March 24, 2009
when your ass is blocked full of shit, and it all splurts out like fluid from a bottle.
'I just had a crap attack at work today and I got fired'
by Tom Bramley April 29, 2006
this is when u get stressed out and feel you have 2 av a bf(bitch fit-white chicks)
if someone makes you angry and you scream and shout and tantrum. this is a crap attack.
by GeMz'N'jEsS June 28, 2006
to take a crap in a persons indoor garbage can and not tell them about it, letting it stink up their room
Steve was mad that Mark drank his beer, so he went into his room and gave him a crap attack while he was gone
by S c o t t October 01, 2007

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