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One who is deeply involved with the underworld culture of amphetamine addiction. The individual usually carries a long criminal record, and has a history of drug-related robberies and crimes. Usually the individual will have many tattoos and speak with a slang vernacular distinctive to the amphetamine and/or prison lifestyle.
"I don't trust that guy in my house, he just got out of prison and he's already got a gun and gone back to his old crankster gangster ways."
by Rebecca S. May 25, 2004
They wanna be Crankster gangsters but all they are is a little ice ice maybe.
He said he was the topof the crankster gangsters,now he is locked down for 10 to 20 in the big boys cell block.
by The shcoshi queen October 19, 2006
This term started in 99' @ a walmart tire and lube center in ponca city oklahoma.there was a guy named jerry he was 40+y/o good mechanic fallen on hardtime...due to meth/crank/ice but he kept it real talked in slang and drove a yellow caddie

Jim:hey jerry you got them white walls for the lincoln?
Jerry: yea dog i be on top that shit nigga
Jim to paul :jerrys a mutherfuckin crankster gangster
by ChoppaSicballz June 19, 2009

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