A puppet show based on real life crank calls. It comes on Tuesday nights at 9:00 CST on Comedy Central.
My next door nieghbor taped every episode of Crank Yankers, even the one where the little girl says, 'Do you have 8 pound balls?'
by Shawn B. April 26, 2003
Top Definition
any guy who jerks off is a "crank yanker"
looking at a good Hustler magazine can make any guy a crank yanker!
by T. Wilson December 29, 2007
A Damn Funny Show On Comedy C.!
*I've got mail, yaaaaaa, I got mail yaaaa!
*Hurry up, Spongebob is on in 3 minutes
*Can they hold my tally wacker while I pass water?
*Were The Woo Tang
*There is a big ass terd in my car
by Lily Lighting August 11, 2003
A bunch of midgets secluded from the outside world, trying their hardest to make contact to us, via the telephone. Their sole purpose in life is to break down the difference barriers between us and them.
The crank yankers contacted me yesterday, but I chose not to listen.
by barcode23 October 15, 2003
A cross between the jerky boys and the muppets. Quite possibly the best show on television today. Appears on the comedy central network.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
the coolest prank phone call group, i wish the jerky boys made something like that
by JeVoNeR September 12, 2003
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