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To beat up a peer, To greatly embarrass him in front of his other friends/ girlfriend/ lovers
Nick was trippin' so i hadda crank that yank on the fool. Then his brother didn't stop giving him shit ever again.
by burntmelons October 26, 2008
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Kind of like belemic bullrush. EXCEPT CRANK THAY YANK! SO when in Rome, you know whats good. HUGE. YOU ARE THE EMPIRE
Lady loses bjack hand.
Sour, Crank that Yank

Dad fights with son.
Crank that YAAAANK
by Drew with Krellium December 29, 2010
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1. To get a project done ; to do work

2. To rush to get something completed

3. To handle business
"We have until 5:00pm to finish that presentation. Crank that yank!"
by TheWhiteDragon September 18, 2008
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