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A term originated from the music industry to command an individual to "turn up the volume.
Joseph: Hey man this show is going great!
Scott: Yea man but you really need to Crank it on this next song.
Joseph: Sure thing Scott!
by lyfesvrbby May 22, 2008
A quick form of masturbation in which one does not have ample time to properly pleasure themselves. Also can refer to repeated masturbation.
Ben tried to crank it in the three minutes his roommate left the room.
by jdubbs March 22, 2006
The act of masturbating, especially after a hard days work.
Student 1: Thank god class is done. Glad to be going home.
Student 2: Ya. You going home to crank it?
Student 1: Pretty much.
by sansaman April 05, 2006