A song that's become an epidemic among teenagers in an alarmingly short period of time.

A song labeled as "rap/hip-hop" that nearly every teenager in America knows about. The song - for lack of a better word - rapped by the seventeen-year-old kid known as Soulja Boy has made several remixes and versions, from Spiderman to Robocop. All follow the same basic dance pattern, with the exception of a few minor changes during the chorus. It's a poor excuse for talent in the music world as it degrades women, and shows just how far "talent" has plunged in the 21st century - the lyrics alone show the literacy levels of the person who raps it. Just look up the lyrics to it on here - it's sad to see that few realize the exact meaning of the song before they look up the meaning. The song has had some controversy as to its lyrics and overall meaning, being banned at many schools/education facilities due to its content.

The only credit I can give to the song is that it spread so quickly and that the dance is probably the best known dance for late 2007, mainly becoming known from the popular instructional video for it on YouTube. Honestly, as soon as you here the signature "YOOOUUU!" at the beginning of the song you know it's Crank That (or Dat, depending on your literacy) Soulja Boy and just about everyone starts doing the dance to it.
You want an example? Turn the volume up on your iPod to the max and start playing Crank Dat/That in a room full of kids. Watch how many start dancing/attempting to rap to it.
by Mandy P. November 18, 2007
A horrible song by the talentless Soulja Boy, comes with a dance. It plays everywhere especially in the suburbs where white kids and their parents sing along to it and do the dance...until they find out what the song's actually about.
Crank Dat is the reason I have no faith in humanity.
by CupBdown March 03, 2008
A horrible song by a horrible "artist" (Soulja Boy) that talks about how some guy (Soulja Boy) whacks off onto a girls back when she's sleeping, and sticks a bed sheet to her back, and it sticks, hence SUPERMANN!
Soulja Boy: Crank dat soulja boy, superman dat ho.

by mark101 June 18, 2008
Line dancing for black people.

Also demonstrates how you're not supposed to speak English.
Soulja Boy up in dih ho
Wah me crank and wah me ro
Wah me crank dat soulja boy dat supaman dat ho
by CrankDatSucks November 03, 2007
The most annoying song ever to be released. It is rapped by Soulja Boy, a 17yr old kid with no talent. One of the songs that makes rap music hard to defend.
Person 1: "crank dat and superman dat hoe"

Person 2: Lets kick his ass for singing that song
by hiphopfan February 10, 2008
A rather sophisticated rap song. I never thought I would ever say this until I heard "donk", which bring soulja boy to a new level of retardation.
Soulja boy SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!
He's a retarded shthead!!!!!!!!
We thought crank dat was retarded until we heard "donk", absolutely senseless!!!!
by EVHSRV July 31, 2008
1.Genre of Music in which the lyrical content is severly lacking in pentameter.
2.Gener of Music in which the sole purpose is for people to dance, songs that have thier own distinctive dance.
3.Genre of Music in which young artist partake to become successful.
4.Urban Line Dancing
1. Songs like Crank Dat: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Incredible Hulk and to some extent Lipgloss
2.Lipgloss, Superman, Aunt Jackie
3. Soulja Boy, Lil Ma Ma, Young Seph, 3rd Flo ect.
4.Crossing of legs, Tapping foots, Pelvic thrusts
by Lance Jeune October 10, 2007
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