Cranks refer to each individual crank on a bike's crankset.
Cranksets are the levers used for pedaling a bicycle. Cranks happen to be one of the three most important components on a bicycle, the important trio being, frame, wheelset and cranks.
Those are some crazy cranks you got on that bike. I bet they're as stiff as a twelve year old with a girly mag.
by dubbed February 28, 2006
Top Definition
Slang, noun.

“Crank” is slang for a low purity, crystallized Methamphetamine that is administered in a powder form. Crank, like all other Methamphetamines, is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system to increase heart rate and alertness of its users. Highs on the drug last between 8 and 24 hours, and often include a violent "crash" period where the user tends to be prone to aggression. The drug received the nickname “crank” because it was often smuggled in the crank cases of vehicles.

Methamphetamine is taken orally or intranasally (snorting the powder), by intravenous injection, and by smoking. A common misconception among users is that some administration methods are safer than others, while in reality all act on the body the same exact way. Methamphetamines damage nerve endings, which cause naturally occurring neurotransmitters—Dopamine and Serotonin—to be ineffective. Because Dopamine and Serotonin are responsible for easing pain (like the pain which comes from drug withdrawal), withdrawal periods are extremely painful because the body does not have its natural pain reliever to administer.

Methamphetamine withdrawal is said to be one of the most painful experiences a human being can endure, and users of the drug should should consider other safer recreational drugs.
Billy started doing crank because he was looking for the ultimate high and did not care about the consequences.
by Stephen Wood July 04, 2005
A cheap form of meth made in trailer kitchens. often causes gritting of teeth, assholeyness, destruction, inability to pay bills, romantic relationships with ones aids infected cousin, and finally complete retardation.
1. Grary nd' nikole loves they crank.

2. The more CRNK I snort the mores i become the hulk.
by the magical muffin September 11, 2004
to turn the volume of your sound system up real loud
"I love to crank up Metallica and watch the furniture fall apart!"
by Paulie January 07, 2004
to cry and wank. after one has encountered an unfortunate incident in which they are forced to cry they go away to wank and cry at the same time.
jeremy cranked after ashley smacked him
by ziboi October 18, 2008
A versatile term originating from students at Birch Wathen Lenox, "crank" is used to portray any given action (most commonly hooking up or smoking marijuana.) However, it can be used to describe any action, as it is all up to the user's discretion.
Alternate Variations: Crank dat (any noun/verb)
Kid 1: I got OD trees
Kid 2: Can we crank?

Kid 1: I'm so cranked

Kid 1: How long have you been trying to get with her?
Kid 2: Two weeks
Kid 1: TWO weeks and you haven't cranked!?

Kid 1: Wanna go crank?
Kid 2: Cheel, I'm good.
Kid 1: Wow, crank dat gaysha

Kid 1: We gotta be beast stealthy
Kid 2: Yea, crank dat splinter cell

Kid 1: Crank dat bathroom?
by Urban Dictionary May 02, 2008
n. penis
Dude got caught with his hand on his crank.
by Holden McCrank March 14, 2003
someone who is a bit of a twat or annoying you
"shut up you crank"
" your boyfrind is a fucking crank"
by jogonjon February 12, 2009
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