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When you are screwing a girl as she lays on her stomach with her face in the pillow, and you nut inside of her and disappear before she turns around.
I brought a girl home from the bar last night and i just had to crank dat batman.
by Shocka1212 February 15, 2008
When you skeet in a sleeping hoe's hair and mold it into the batman horns!
"You should see what I'm going to do to this hoe tonight, I will totally crank dat batman all up in her hair! She will be Pissed!!!!
by The bombdiggitty July 10, 2008
right before u bust make the batman mask by putting your hands in the number 9 turn them upside down where u r looking out of the 9 BATMAN DAT HOE
Batman dat hoe when u make the batman mask. Crank dat batman.
by Nick T 420 January 28, 2008

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