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One of three things, all of which are not sweet:

1. A morbidly obese woman with an IQ of about 60. At best: a height and weight disproportionate woman who is needy, lonely, and living with at least 6 cats. Ads of this type will usually have a spelling or grammatical error in the title, but can be identified as genuine by a specific subdistrict or colloquial neighborhood of the given metro area specified as their location. They will typically request that men not send pictures of their genetalia in their responses, yet if your response shows any signs of intelligence they will be indimidated as well. Presumably, if you are a fat, stupid, and lonely male, you could find a potential soul mate here.

2. A pretense of a young attractive woman interested in a somewhat older man with the intent of collecting email addresses for which low-budget pornographic material advertisements can be distributed to. These are typically more overt and direct but are marked by the poster having a posting location omitted or listed simply as the corresponding city. A response to one of these ads nearly always results in subscribing yourself to pregnant asian porn to your email several times an hour.

3. A decent chick who may or may not already have a boyfriend who is throwing up a personal ad solely for her own amusement and the satisfaction of her curiosity to see what kind of fucked up rejects there are in her community. Many of these have resemblances to type 2 ads, but often look very genuine and too good to be true and if you respond to them you typically get no reply as opposed to an immediate reply linking you to a web cam site.
1. "I went on a date with a craigslist girl and it cost me 70 bucks. And we went to McDonald's and ate off the dollar menu..... not sweet"

2. "I replied to this craigslist girl and now my inbox in flooded with links to transexual grannies blowing donkeys on a live cam.... not sweet"

3. "I replied to this craigslist girl last week hoping she'd holla back........... but alas I'm stuck jerking off to those grannies blowing donkeys on a live cam..... not sweet"

#not sweet #fatty #porn #spam #fat #dumb #chubby #chunker #lonely
by Chuck E Cheese August 14, 2007
A girl who uses craigslist to advertise herself and proceeds to have sex with lewd older men in exchange for money. they make a TON.
Man: that was amazing
Girl: of course, I'm a craigslist girl, this is my living, literally.
#craigslist #prostitute #sex #money #whore
by aaron mitchell f July 11, 2006
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