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a girl who is quick witted, very funny, usually from the south. She draws people in with her accent. Loved by all.
Hey, what do you think of that lady in Parenting one chat ???

Oh I think she's a real Miss Crafty Girl!
by Lamop February 16, 2005
3 8
one hot southern tamale
Wow! Did you see Lisa today?

Yes, she's one crafty girl!
by Lamop February 16, 2005
3 9
the discreet name for someone with the illness that leads them to believe they own farm animals. Most commonly they choose goats as their imaginary farm animal. Regardless of the illness, a crafty girl is loved by all, very quick witted, charming and above all harmless.
Did you hear that lady In chat today talking about her goats???

Yes, she's crafty girl.
by Lamop February 16, 2005
0 12