a very complex sexual maneuver involving multiple steps: first the female arrouses the male, causing him to ejaculate. the male must then attempt to catch his goo in his belly button, from which the female takes it as a body shot. the female then spits it into the males hair, thus completing the execution of the crafty diplomat.
Xavior: AAAAAhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I used a load of shampoo and washed it like ten times but my hair is still sticky.
Malik: Dude what did you do?
Xavior: Oh me and my girlfriend were just trying out the crafty diplomat last night after we read about it on urbandictionary.com and i can't get all of it out of my hair now.
Malik: uhh. cant help you there man, i never seem to have that problem.
Xavior: thanks anyways.
Malik: no problem.
by team mastadon January 10, 2005

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