Lovely, cuddly, somewhat Gothic band, who dont take themselves too seriously.
Hence, they are hated by "real" black metal fans because they do things like having a laugh, instead of being "credible" and burning down churches in sweden or something
Dimmy Bugaboo fan: " my favorite band look like Kiss and produce humourless sludge while trying to be scary!"
(implodes under weight of own pseud-ness)
by Skeletal Munchkin December 07, 2004
The best fuckin shit I have ever heard! (yes I am a girl too!)
COF Fan:Hey...Have you heard of Cradle of Filth?
MM Fan: No
COF Fan: Well fuck you! *Shoots MM fan in the head* From the Cradle to enslave is my name!
by From The Cradle To Enslave March 14, 2004
A band that is scary as hell, has medicore music but puts on one hell of a show!
try playing their music backwards.
by F.B. Navarro August 30, 2003

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