Lovely, cuddly, somewhat Gothic band, who dont take themselves too seriously.
Hence, they are hated by "real" black metal fans because they do things like having a laugh, instead of being "credible" and burning down churches in sweden or something
Dimmy Bugaboo fan: " my favorite band look like Kiss and produce humourless sludge while trying to be scary!"
(implodes under weight of own pseud-ness)
by Skeletal Munchkin December 07, 2004
One of the best bands of all time. They have great guitaring, great drumming, great bass, great keyboarding and amazing vocals.
Cradle Of Filth: Lord Abortion (best song)
by Innanova February 07, 2004
one of the greates bands of all time, and probably very underestimated.even through many changes in the band line they still prove to be one of the best.Why? Dani Filth. He is the adhesive that makes it work, probably one of the most dedicated musicians today. he struggled to make that band work and they do deserve notorioty in and out of thier genre.
you want to succeed, work like Dani and Cradle of Filth
by jay October 07, 2003
A Black Metal band that has recently become popular. You now have a bunch of black metallers pissed because they're one of the first Black Metal bands to become as popular as they are.
Cradle of Filth, the most well known black metal of band to date.
by Bruce D. February 02, 2006
The act of letting all deposits made into the toilet accumulate due to lack of money to pay utilitly bills. Can be for one day or more. Most cradle of filths last for one week before desposed of.
To save money on the utility bills, they have a cradle of filth for a week every month.
by GO__IRISH May 03, 2011
kick ass band
cradle of filth is THE SHIT
by shiva July 21, 2003
the g8est band ever
probable the best fuckin metal band in the world no other can beet cradle of filth
dani filth fuckin ace ass front man i mean u could never fuckin beet him he is the almighty

there have bin 2meny other ppl in this band 2 name like charles hedger fuckin god
dave pybus fuckin wiked bassist
back up vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva fuck chick rocks
rosie smiths keyboardest godess umung other ppl
by natty the metal head February 12, 2009

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