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the most unbelievable, fucked up tales and adventures that can only possibly take place when one is either lit up on some crack, or on a quest for the elusive mega hit. hence, CRACKY TALE

"... i was at the Spot and i was wearing sandals. and this motha fucka handed me some soap. he said, you touched it, you buyin it. i told him, fuck that shit ITS SOAP. i threw the shit on the floor and this motha fucka pulled out a machete. i started bookin it and ran outta my flip flops...."

to which you respond "cracky tales..."

or this one co-worker of mine who rides a bike with no seat on it who called in sick one day

"... i was downtown right, and i was drivin (this fucking crackhead rides a bike)...and this guy came up to me and tried to jack me with a serrated, blunt, knife. so i got out and 3 guys came outta no where.. all of a sudden there was this gun. so i ran away across the street and i wasnt lookin and got hit by a car."

cracky tales, cracky tales...
by eatfordshtdodge December 19, 2007
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