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very cool, crazy as shit,insanely awesome
Damn fool that shit was cracktastic
by joey lucisano October 10, 2004
A goddess of a Klainer who provides the fandom with regular updates of everything. She is very highly valued in the Klaine/Glee fandom. She also has a beautiful singing voice and is part of the OT4 with Murphy, Colfer and Klairs.
Merlins beard that Cracktastic's blogging has left me in a banana cage of emotion.

When Cracktastic and the OT4 raised all that money with the DFCR live stream I was left in a banana cage of emotion.
by sometumblruser August 30, 2011
A food substance that is so good it is addictive like crack. It is beyond fantastic, great, superb, etc.
The coffee is Cracktastic it has both caffeine and sugar. I go through SEVERE withdrawal symptoms when I can't have it.
by J. Gowen June 26, 2008
Cracktastic: The complete opposite of Fantastic.
O fuck this is cracktastic
Your so fucking cracktasic
by Julz Kemmerer August 02, 2004