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Awkward positions the body forms after long hours of cracktivity including lack of sleep, lack of food and endless hours of movement and/or long periods of being stuck on stupid.
When a person is unknowingly advertises that they are cracked the f@%k out, by way of body movements and stances.
When someone says, hey bro, why is your neck as long as a giraffe and your body shaped like the letter Z when your looking around the corner? you might be in a crackstance.
When your mouth is wide open and your staring at that something that is there but not really there sitting hunched over indian style, with your hands clinched holding your cell phone and 2 lighters in 1 hand and a broken pipe in the other, your probably in a crackstance.
When all of your apendages move independently from what your brain tells them to do all at once i.e. arm behind you back, standing tall, one foot forward, one foot back and the upper torso slightly bent to the side, meanwhile the tounge is moving back and forth between the teeth or lack thereof, and the lips are dry and stretched to thier limit your definatley in a crackstance.
by Chadamus and his harem March 30, 2008
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