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1. over use of extasy in relating of tiredness after roll is done
2. crappy pills
1. Dam im crackout from last nite roll
2. Dam i got crackout from those pills
by EXTC August 25, 2008
11 5
to fall asleep, pass out, or crash. Usually used when excessively tired, drunk, or high
"Man, im beat, Ima crack out"
by Tanner Comes November 06, 2007
16 8
Crack Out~~~~ The day after a very serious hangover.
"Hey Tim, I'm really hungover this morning...let's just 'crack out' today and get over it?!"

"Yes Amanda, lets do that cause I'm really hungover as well and need a good 'crack out'". LOL
by Brought to you By S&M! September 07, 2011
3 1