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a white person who has been wearing sunglasses in the bright sun and has a tan (or sunburn) line much like that of a raccoons mask.
Man, that guy shouldn't have worn his sunglasses to this festival, he looks like a crackoon now!
by SleazyCSabotage June 07, 2011
5 2
a crackhead who digs through garbage and has dark bags under their eyes. much like a racoon.
damn crackoon got in the trash last night so i chased him off with a golf club.
by mcguff February 14, 2007
7 6
creature of the night; combination of a crackwhore and a racoon; one who is busted average
That girl is so busted average...what a crackoon

-She totally stole your boyfriend.

-I don't understand, she's ugly and acts like she's constantly on drugs.
-What a crackoon!
by crackoon August 01, 2009
1 6