When you are so fucked up out of your mind, thank you talk like a crack head.

You dont even need to be fucked up to be "Crackin"

Just be acting retarded.
Bro ya Crackin.
by DickBichenbach August 11, 2011
a state of being that occurs when your pants are too low, so low that your butt crack is visible for all to see
A large girl in tight pants, Sonya was crackin when she sat down at the computer station to write an e-mail.
by Grushinka April 08, 2008
the act of cracking a beer and then consuming it through the oral cavity.
yo we crackin' tonight?

any cracks?

We went to the anti house and they weren't crackin.
by fer419 May 27, 2009
To describe something that is tight and worthwhile.
Ooo, that party last night with the DJ girl? Hella CRACKIN, dog!
by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003
a word commonly known for its outrageous enthusiamsm and excitement.
Dogg#1: that partay was crackin
Dogg#2: i know, it was pretty tite!
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
When one place or thing is fun.
Like parties, fights, houses, clubs, and stuff like that.
by Antonio parks August 16, 2005
In the deep south of the USA it's a name for pork ham skins that are deep fat fried. Crackin is made with extremely high heat to produce small bubbles quickly in the fat before it cooks, making a delicious crunchy snack.
I made me some Crackin's for a snack out of that ham rind.
by wrenchmonkey2k July 15, 2006

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