Used by the crips to show that they are on the same side and same gang. Bloods in certain cities may say brackin'.

Crip: Yo shawtie what's crackin'?

by Lil' H March 11, 2008
crackin= happening a new word for happening or up
whats crackin? spoken when you want to know whats up
by abrod November 20, 2006
Referring to when a persons pants are discustingly low and reveal their butt crack.
*Man with low rise, large, britches bends over*
"Dude your crackin me! Get some pants that fit!"
by Kelsey"I'mHot"Yes December 08, 2011
A synonym of "going on," or "happening."
What's crackin', cracka?
by ikeray January 07, 2008
Crackin' - A term used to describe when someone is trying to get it on with another person or just flirting with them.

Background - UK Medway Banter.

Just a way to embarass a friend if they are or aren't crackin'!
Mate you crackin'?!
by MightyBoosh123 April 21, 2011
Busting a nut, ejaculating, usually during intercourse.
Bitch woulda ate a homies dick if i ain't crackin so quick
by fat mat July 28, 2011
1. A Good time 2. To Crack off 3. To Complement
Hey baby, your ass is "crackin". Last Nights party was "Crackin". The fresh Drum and bass cam out and that sh*t is "Crackin!"
by christhejunglist February 22, 2008

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