A person with a farily large crack in the skull region
"holy shit nigga, that bitch gots a crack on his head!"
"what a crackhead"
by buns face man July 31, 2006
one who plays music instead of hanging and does crack all the time
Dude Andy and Sonny are total crackheads
by angellov930 August 26, 2006
someone who acts crazy and out of it most of the time.also they can't pay attion or someone who smokes to much crack.
yo quit actin like a crackhead
by Ja Killa November 02, 2003
sum1 totally out of dere mind,aka waste man/gash
oi es sum crackhead init..bloody waste man
by 3dee September 25, 2006
calling someone a crackhead is another way of saying a person acts like someone who has just snorted cocaine e.g crazy or stupid! It is also a way of telling someone they have said or done something dumb or realy stupid or crazy or even realy funny!
Also someone who snorts too much crack e.g mike power!
Mike power is a crackhead because had a vodka drinking competiton at 12 in the morning with sarah head the world's biggest heavy weight binge drinker!
by Dan Speed September 23, 2006
a crackhead is a freak that uses the sweet cocaine in a retarded way
that crackhead waisted a gram
by mojo jojo January 09, 2005
a person who do crack, drug addict, crazy person,bipolar person,a person who does drugs in crazy ways
She is a crackhead cuz she eat weed. She do crack everyday wat a crack head. She thought 2+2 was 5 wat acrack head.
by Lica Pooh April 03, 2009

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