Not necessarily someone who is strongly addicted crack, but is an overall drug fiend and acts like a crackhead.
"Man, Todd keeps calling me to front him a bowl. I mean who does that!!!"

"Fuck that crackhead"
by Kiahn October 20, 2013
someone who smokes cocaine in rock form.
a crackhead is a person who cooks up cocaine into rock form and smokes it. Steals anything to go get it. A sketch bag.
by wonkywonk January 27, 2012
1) one who is dependent or addicted to (crack) cocaine.

2) one who suffers a mental disorder such as bipolar and their behaviour resembles that of a crack user.
some ppl experience behaviours similar to crackheads although they don't use crack or any drugs.
by psychoprophecisor January 12, 2011
An obviously very ignorant person who has their head buried up their rectum cavity.
It is apparent from the comment that this moron made that this person is nothing more than a crackhead who keeps his head buried up their ass.
by Al "Nappy Hair" Sharpton October 05, 2009
1.Slang (used by mostly african americans) meaning a person who is making some one laugh by being crazy, acting dumb and or acting a "fool". In reality the person is no crackhead but is just acting like one.
2. A very funny person.
3. Can also be used as class clown

"Boy u need to stop man, crackhead a**"

"Man you a straight up crack head hahaha"

Teacher: "Tyrelle I see u want to be a crack head to day, go to the principal's office!"
by falalalalalalalala!! February 17, 2009
Crackhead is a victim of a chemical and biological attack on the citizens of that crackheads country!
Toronto Aids conference indicated that injection drug usage
was responcible for the most frequent source of transmition and new HIV victim.

Since the increased security of 911, one would expect all non-indiginous narcartics, would be impossible to find, or use. But we find that reality and theory are opposite of each other, and anything you want is available everywhere, on a Crackhead street corner near you.
Just make sure your wearing a seat belt, or you'll get a ticket!
by realityrealy October 25, 2007
someone who looks like they are constantly tripping (especially in the eyes) because they clearly have been smoking waay too much crack
1) look at that guy, jesus, matty t is such a crackhead!
2) oi crackhead! pass me the pes controller!
by rgp May 15, 2007

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