dope addict - will reproduce to create crackbabies
That crackhead Latisha went and had a crackbaby in between fixes.
by Coolio October 02, 2003
CrackHead is another word to call a crack addict.
Wow. That lady is such a crackhead.
by urafckinbich May 07, 2016
a crazy ass white person running around like a chicken with its head cut off , they usually ask for change or a ciggarette.
That crackhead asked me for a dollar.
by biggerthehoopthebiggerthehoe March 04, 2016
Slang. a habitual user of cocaine in the form of crack.
Dude, why you gotta be such a crackhead?!
by jkru56 April 14, 2015
someone who smokes cocaine in rock form.
a crackhead is a person who cooks up cocaine into rock form and smokes it. Steals anything to go get it. A sketch bag.
by wonkywonk January 27, 2012
An obviously very ignorant person who has their head buried up their rectum cavity.
It is apparent from the comment that this moron made that this person is nothing more than a crackhead who keeps his head buried up their ass.
by Al "Nappy Hair" Sharpton October 05, 2009
Someone who you would see while you were walking down the street of a strange neighborhood who bony and FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! They usually look retarted and walk with there feet all the way behind there ugly, bony bodies (If there on that good stuff!)
There goes another crack-head. What has happened to the world these days! Oh i'm sorry man, i didn't know that was your mamma!
by Tierra Range August 17, 2006
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