A crackhead is the lowest form of a drug user. They abuse the drug crack cocaine. They are often liars, traitors, and thiefs.

Crackheads are often paranoid and fidgety.

Crackheads can be anyone, any race, any gender.

Crackheads will sell everything and anything to fuel their addiction.

Crackheads cannot be trusted. If you ever find yourself to a person who is a known crackhead, try to get away as fast as possible, otherwise you may lose valauble jewerly, wallet, etc.

Unless you don't mind having any of your prized possessions disappear, it is not wise to let a crackhead into your home. Never leave a crackhead unnattended to, or you will find things mysteriously go missing.

It is important to never let a crackhead get to you, don't ever let them get under your skin. You are the stronger person in the situation, unless you too are a crackhead.

Crackheads are pathetic.
I once called a crackhead's house a few times to get a hold of a person I know, who is also a crack addict. He continued to answer the phone even though it was pretty obvious it was me, again.

Crackhead- "Hello?" (he calmly says this)
Me- "Hi, is _____ there?"
Crackhead- "Ah, wha wha wha WHAT DID I TELL YOU!? He is not HERE" (at this point he was shouting)

Afterwards, I drove up to his house, and to my suprise (not) the crackhead was in the window looking around frantically.

Some More Personal Expirences:

If a person constantly asks you for money, in exchange for their car title, they are probably a crackhead.

If a person is in the bathroom for over an hour, has the bathroom fan on, turns the shower on, but comes out an hour later not wet, they are most likely a crackhead, or up to something.

If a person says they are going to the grocery store for one thing, and don't come back, they are probably on a crack binge.
#liar #traitor #thief #bum #hobo #scum #trash #pathetic
by D. Lu May 19, 2007
Somebody who does crack regulary and gets addicted. Thus becoming a crackhead.
Mr. Angell is SUCH a crackhead!
by Roxy January 11, 2005
The lowest form of a drug-user.
Hey everyone, look... it's a crackhead.
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
a person who does to much crack
Deci is a crack head
by Reyortsed September 10, 2002
A person who smokes alot of crack

A person who acts stupid
That crack head asked me for a smoke
#cracker #stupid #drug addicted #weirdo #scary
by Ms.Macy August 16, 2006
1. Someone livin' in their own world,
while chillin' in your house.
2. Someone who does crack,
while chillin' in your house.
3. Someone who's face looks like their
ass, only while chillin' in your
Go outside CRACK HEAD!
by FizzelDonk July 27, 2003
(crackhead is a crackhead ain't no other word for it)
A crackhead is a person who is addicted to drug crack. Crackheads will stop at nothing to support their habit which includes not paying their bills, stealing from anyone including family members, & some even sell drug dealers out to the police for crack or just rob them when they know you are not home. Some even do housecleaning.
As 2Pac recited "And even though you was a crack feen momma ya always was a black queen momma"- (R.I.P).

Crack is whack!

She's a crackhead.
#whack #fool #whitegirl #dope #rockhead
by Nikitta June 20, 2006
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