The hole fucking shroshire Family(howard Shroshire)!!!!!
Howard is Drunk bitch, Clumsy ,stupied and retared it all at the same time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Daryl W. July 26, 2003
the world, everyone is a straight up "CRACK HEAD"
Look in the mirror your one too!!!!
by V.O.D October 29, 2003
•A word used for marijuana users, or drug users period
•A nickname used jokingly for a friend acting crazy
"There go Robin, smellin' like them leaves again. Told you he was a crack head."

"How did the niggas that made the first clock know what motha fucking time it was?"
"You're a crack head!"
by mira_fooooo May 03, 2015
Slang. a habitual user of cocaine in the form of crack.
Dude, why you gotta be such a crackhead?!
by jkru56 April 14, 2015
Crazy, positive, wild
Fucking hell you did that? Fucking crackhead
by Antisocial toes December 22, 2014

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