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1. someone who actually partakes in smoking crack.
2. someone who conducts themselves in a strange manner, in the manner of a crazy person, a hobo, or a diluted senial old man.
3. someone who does or says something that doesn't make sense or is contrary to something previously done/said.
1. Your mom needs to lay off the pipe, she's such a crackhead.
2. My friend was running through the street yesterday wearing pink spandex and screaming "poseidon is coming with his trident of fury," she must have seemed like such a crackhead.
2. Your dad told me he loved fishing but would never go fishing before sunrise or if it was light out, he's such a crackhead.
by mugabe November 28, 2005
15 13
Slang for reference to hard drug addict
Crackheads are dirty hobos eat live and breathe waste
by Ashley April 06, 2005
15 13
An undernourished drug addict.
Person who would steal steaks from their mommas freezer to sell on the street corner in 90 degree weather. Only a crackhead would buy that meat, unfortunatly crackheads spend their money on drugs. It's a vicious cycle...
by fatwhtwmn September 13, 2004
16 14
Rob Ford
The mayor of Toronto is a crackhead
by CrazyZealot November 06, 2013
2 1
someone that keeps doin stupid shit over and over, and decides not to use their common sense when there doin something.
Crackhead: What city does the Chicago Bears play for?
Person:Um Duh! Chicago, crackhead!
by iyannak April 20, 2008
1 0
Such as the man on "Don't be a Menace to South Central while drinking your juices in da hood"
A White lipped dirty person who always seems to be in a rush with no job or place to go.
Excert from the movie: I got these CheeseBurgers man...man please..I'll suck yo dick
-What that crack-head say man (only a crack head will repeat)
I'll suck yo dick man
by T-RocC May 12, 2007
11 10
dope addict - will reproduce to create crackbabies
That crackhead Latisha went and had a crackbaby in between fixes.
by Coolio October 02, 2003
19 18
Not necessarily someone who is strongly addicted crack, but is an overall drug fiend and acts like a crackhead.
"Man, Todd keeps calling me to front him a bowl. I mean who does that!!!"

"Fuck that crackhead"
by Kiahn October 20, 2013
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