1. someone who actually partakes in smoking crack.
2. someone who conducts themselves in a strange manner, in the manner of a crazy person, a hobo, or a diluted senial old man.
3. someone who does or says something that doesn't make sense or is contrary to something previously done/said.
1. Your mom needs to lay off the pipe, she's such a crackhead.
2. My friend was running through the street yesterday wearing pink spandex and screaming "poseidon is coming with his trident of fury," she must have seemed like such a crackhead.
2. Your dad told me he loved fishing but would never go fishing before sunrise or if it was light out, he's such a crackhead.
by mugabe November 28, 2005
Rodney King, Darryl Strawberry, Rae Carruthe, Jason Williams.
by Saints October 29, 2003
Someone who is addicted to crack cocaine. A crackhead is usually soemone stupid or someone crazy.
My town consists of mostly 95% crackheads.
by nottellingyou June 25, 2003
Dumb ass bitch on crack
Brenda,Bananas,Stephine, Julianna is sum crackheads.
by Savage Kid Rizzle July 27, 2007
That nigga that stole my bicycle last year. Same one who sold me his crockpot for five dollars in pennies. Same one who stole the mangos off my tree and traded them to the little corner store for a sixpack of Natural Ice.
Yep, that's the crackhead that I saw on my bicycle.
That crackhead will sell his own mother for a five dollar rock.
by Laney954 September 22, 2006
One who abuses crack. The lost of family, friends, income and other items seem not to bother this person. This person has turn his/her back on the true meaning of life. The only thing left for a crackhead is the aweful smell of shit that follows them like a shadow on a hot sunny day. Soap and water has become his/her biggest enemy! They are on the hunt...damn everything else! If he/she had to choose between his/her mother or crack...the mother would be quickly rejected...and crack so passionately embraced!
Damn I can't believe my mom has not returned in 4 days
(the next day) Hi kids I am so...so...sorry...I did not mean to leave you here in this house for 5 days without food or water! It won't happen again.....
(child)yeah right! Mom we all know you are a crackhead! Please get help... you are destroying our family!
by Blackdiamond September 13, 2007
A person who does rocks or blows and can be found around liquor stores and currency exchanges asking for change and buying cigarettes and cheap beer. Also known as a hype, basehead, clucker, fiend
Don't fuck dat crackhead! She probly got aids.
Naw I ain't givin' you no money!
Everybody got a crackhead somewhere in their family.
by dimegurl diana July 11, 2006
This definition has absolutely nothing to do with cocaine. A crackhead is somebody that is addicted to smelling other people's cracks (the crack in their asses). It can be done with a willing recipient, an unwilling recipient whereby the culprit will 'sneek a snort' when convenient, or even partake in the inhaling of fumes emitted from someones chair, or soiled undies. At this time there is no known treatment available over the counter, however it's rumored the A.M.A. is addressing the issue.
Obadiah's lack of coherency became quite apparent after his long term habbit of snorting Big Edna's office chair. The red eyes and drooling have become quite pronounced and he no longer has the ability to utilize the restroom without assistance. He is the crackhead poster-boy.
by Big Ed Moustapha April 05, 2010

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