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n. 1. Used as slang in prisons to describe Ramen noodles which are priced so cheap and are so easy to make, that even crackheads can purchase and prepare them.
"I got a crate of crackhead soups for only $1.00 at commissary this week!"
by TheWarlock May 16, 2005
A package of Ramen noodles.
Hey, man, get me some crackhead soups on your next commissary buy and I'll hit you off with some rollies when my buy comes up next week.
by Oscar Hammersteyn August 27, 2005
A Ramen noodle brick. So cheap even a crackhead can afford one.
When watching "COPS" on tv, they kick-in some poor ass wannabe dealers door. What's the only thing on the kitchen counter ? guessed it skippy, a case of crackhead soup. The children are crying their eyes out as mommy and daddy are swept off to the iron bar hotel.
by Kingmon June 03, 2013
romen noodles
i was so brock after i got a fix that i couldnt feed my kids so i bought crack head soup with my food stamps
by e_mcspirit December 22, 2008
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