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1. A driver who brags about never having had an accident, but has caused many behind him by never thinking situationally about his or her driving.
2. Someone who never pulls completely up to the intersection or the car in front, but rather lags a car length or more behind and stops short or creeps, forcing other drivers to miss lights, block intersections or clog turn lanes because they can't get into position.
3. A jerk who speeds up if you try to pass in the left or right lane but is content to ride beside or just in front of you, usually swerving and failing to maintain speed or lane position because they are preoccupied with their cell phone, makeup or other personal device.
See also volvo and pennsylvania race yankee
1.Buffy bragged of how her beemer slices thru traffic unaware that she's put 3 cars in the ditch since she never looks in the mirror, just another cracked rear view.
2. willis sat back 3 car lengths from the intersection forcing the ambulance to pass on the wrong side of the road, what a cracked rear view.
3. The asshole in the sportage caused me to miss my exit since he'd never let me pass and kept slowing down so I couldn't get to the right lane. The state trooper who pulled him probably sighted him for a cracked rear view.
by Stan West October 19, 2004
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a corrupted memory of life. a jagged or jaded look back complicated by memory loss, grief, a horrible twist of fate in life which scarred or warped all sense of the past.

a cracked rear view maybe complicated by memory loss, drugs or medication especially if administered without consent.
Hey whatever happenend to that guy?
He's got a cracked rearview, I am surprised he can even remember who he is given the strength of the meds they gave him.
by nick May 10, 2006
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