To hit or attack.
"My motha wouldn't shut up so I cracked her"
by av July 30, 2003
While the term 'Cracked' is more often than not used to casually describe a hit/blow to the face (or other variations of being beaten the shit out of).

However, 'Cracked' is also the name of an off-color humor/satire website, as well as the less popular Cracked Magazine. The website publishes articles with obscure and enticing titles, e.g, "4 Things I Regret Doing While Drunk in The Emergency Room". As we can see, many of the articles are intended for humor. On the contrary, articles such as, "6 Terrifying Creatures That Keep Going After They're Dead" contain factual knowledge with cited sources. No humor is left out of these less trivial articles, however, as off-color comedy is slyly thrown in throughout the entire article. There's also many related forms of publishing on Cracked, including videos and forums (etc.).
John: "I'm fucking sick of dumb humor websites. They make me laugh but when I laugh I feel like George Dubya after a stroke that was treated for in a Jackson, Mississippi hospital."

Dave: "Go to Cracked! You'll laugh your ass off while learning a bunch of cool shit about life. Most of it is actually useful, so it doesn't feel like your brain cells are imploding like Sarah Palin trying to cross the Bering Strait. I stay on it for hours, it's addicting as hell bro!"
by TheInformacistOfToday May 25, 2012
The feeling that you're about to explode as a result of too much stress, like when glass cracks as a result of rapid temperature change.
Man, I have so much on my plate right now: school, work, kids, etc. I just feel so cracked.
by Rain Shadow August 08, 2011
Its when a football player get hit very hard.
Dude he just got CRACKED.
by Big Poppin November 24, 2009
Supposedly a person addicted to crack but the term is more commonly used for someone who does something 'weird'. Major insult if you ask me !
Girl:wabba Shabba yoooo !
Boy:Huh? you Crack ed !
by wazzle da dazzle July 28, 2006
waking up to the sound of your buddy cracking a beer in your face early in the morning, usually after a night of partying or savraging (see savrage). If you get cracked, you must chug the entire beer upon awakening.

The rules for cracking go as follows:

-It must be after 7:00AM

-It must be a 12oz light beer

-The beer must be cold

-Only the last person still asleep qualifies for getting cracked

-No alarms can be set for waking up to crack someone

-A counter attack may be achieved by grabbing the beer out the cracker's hand before the beer is cracked open, or by cracking open a beer in said cracker's face before getting cracked; this is a very rare occurrence and the person getting counter-cracked must drink both beers
I can't believe I got fucking cracked this morning, that beer tasted like absolute shit.

Better hope I don't wake up before you tomorrow.. I'm gonna crack your ass in the morning.

Yo Tommy drank way too much, he's definitely getting cracked in the morning.
by DeltaAlphaDeltaDaddy April 29, 2012
crazy, stupid
Man, you cracked.
by Jel Playa July 24, 2003

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