Someone who is tripping, high on drugs, or drunk.
Just look at dat cracked-out bitch.
by Olivia Joy December 04, 2005
A phrase usually used to describe a person or sometimes situations which are seemingly insane.
can occur from use of drugs which can permanantly or semi-permanantly disconnect a persons reality from those of others.

It is neither good nor bad, as the individual is no longer 'part of the system'

-does not necessarily mean a person has to have done crack which is a common misconception...
Person 1: Those drugs have made you kinda cracked out man
Person 2: yeah I know (stares deeply into the non-existant void...)

A group on teenagers getting on pills at the local park
-that's cracked out
by gh0sts February 12, 2013
to be retarded, stupid, not right, messed, simply just fucked up.
"man that skank is cracked out!!"
by skidcoe4ever August 05, 2009
a basic labeling for anyone who is either retarded from the night before, or won't stop talking to the point where you break their teeth. or a kid who's on too much adderall
"you cracked out little bitch"
"he's so cracked out"
by reid February 13, 2005
A state of being messed up or very skewed
Wow, that is the most cracked out thing I've ever seen
by EListermann November 14, 2003
to be under the influence of DFINE8 (an energy/fat burning drink that makes you super attentive to details, more perceptive to sounds, and gives you a perma-smile) :)

Wow! Ben is so cracked out right now! He took almost 3 scoops of DFINE8.
by CrackedOutCarl February 08, 2008
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"man that fool in the green hat and plaid shirt is a straight up cracked out motha fuckka did you checkout that rock he had in his hands?! god damn."
by July 28, 2008

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