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something out of character done during a period in which you are heavily strung out on crack, the crack preventing any good judgment at being in a relationship with a girl you don't even like, and then getting her pregnant
I love my kids wouldn't trade them for anything, but fucking their mother was definitely a "crackcident"
by Cosmic Charlie March 28, 2009
The unintentional exposure of one's butt crack while bending over in low-rise jeans.

Becky had a crackcident in class when she bent over to pick up her keys.
by Michaeladt January 23, 2008
An automobile accident resulting from one or both parties texting on a Blackberry (Crackberry) mobile device while driving.
If Bob had been watching the road instead of texting on his Blackberry, he wouldn't have been involved in such a major crackcident.
by Anandaconda August 19, 2010
An accident directly involoved with or caused by the excessive usage of any illicit substance.
Joe was running down the street after an excessive weekend of partying and tripped over his own feet and had a crackcident.
by Your Pirate Santa January 02, 2007
The unintentional exposure of one's butt cleavage while bending over in low-rise jeans.
Bob saw Becky bending down to grab her purse and couldn't help but notice she was having a crackcident.
by Michaeladt December 22, 2007
This is when you smoked way to much crack and you have to stay away from people for a while till you come back down to earth or people can understand what your saying
Where's Tina, oh she's at the Emergency Psych Unit recovering, I think she had a crackcident.
by ememememememememememem August 24, 2007

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