term used by party boys (aka circuit queens) to describe an extremely fun night of partying or the drug itself.
That party was crackalicious.
by Mark K June 29, 2005
Top Definition
crack = illicit
licious = delicious
crack-a-licious = illicitly delicious

Crackalicious means somethang that you want, but you aint allowed to have it.
mmmmm hmm! I knew i shouldn't have had that hoochie lastnite... but she was crackalicious!
by Curtus_E February 21, 2006
Something, usually food, that is so irresistible that it overcomes will power to resist it and has seemingly addictive properties similar to the drug crack.
Those gingerbread ice cream sandwiches are crackalicious, I think I'll have another one.
by Darqcyde December 24, 2005
a pound of crack cocaine is en-fused with the batter used to fry chicken, the finished poultry product is delicious it has both the taste of a cuntstick and a piece of KFC, the proper ref feral of this product is CFC (crack fried chicken).
our CFC products are the best one bite will destroy your brain cells you'll be eating our crackalicious products for the rest of your life!
by bittybuddy November 02, 2011
When a white is accepted into another ethnic group.
Jerry: Did you hear? Tod is hanging with the black kids!

Angel: Tod's crackalicious!
by Zizzech March 15, 2011
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