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an adjective referring to a person who is happenin', someone who has it going on; woman/man of the hour
nancy yung is crackalakin!!
by nancy March 06, 2004
21 43
When used with the word "what's," is used to ask "how are you?" or "what are you doing?"
Howito: What's crackalin'?
Buraku: Oh, not much.
by babaloulou November 12, 2003
62 12
like what's up or what going on
watz crack-a-lakin cuz?
by Boo-Boo July 23, 2003
36 6
A phrase that means, "What is going on."
Hey guys, what's crackalakin?
by David November 12, 2003
32 11
happening, occuring
What's crackalakin' homie
by Raman Sharma March 23, 2004
14 3
The personal state of having a low supply of crackers.
Q: Hey Jen, do we have any crackers?
A: Nah. We crackalakin.
by Oldarney July 15, 2013
3 0
A word that the restaraunt Denny's uses to describe their desserts.
Try our crackalakin'desserts!
by mustid May 26, 2005
1 16