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A word that the restaraunt Denny's uses to describe their desserts.
Try our crackalakin'desserts!
by mustid May 26, 2005
1 16
When used with the word "what's," is used to ask "how are you?" or "what are you doing?"
Howito: What's crackalin'?
Buraku: Oh, not much.
by babaloulou November 12, 2003
62 12
like what's up or what going on
watz crack-a-lakin cuz?
by Boo-Boo July 23, 2003
36 6
A phrase that means, "What is going on."
Hey guys, what's crackalakin?
by David November 12, 2003
32 11
happening, occuring
What's crackalakin' homie
by Raman Sharma March 23, 2004
14 3
The personal state of having a low supply of crackers.
Q: Hey Jen, do we have any crackers?
A: Nah. We crackalakin.
by Oldarney July 15, 2013
3 0
an adjective referring to a person who is happenin', someone who has it going on; woman/man of the hour
nancy yung is crackalakin!!
by nancy March 06, 2004
21 43