Crackalackin' is a term meaning 'how is it going?' It is derived from the LA gang the Crips. The synonym from the LA gang the Bloods would be 'whats up blood?' Also refers to gang activity as crackalackin'
"Whats crackalackin' cuz?"
"Whats crackalackin' up in here tonight?"
"You know we just been hoppin'(lowrider term) 'round the block crackalackin' dem negros in the red (Bloods)."
by ErbGotti February 19, 2009
you have to use it with 'what's'or 'how's it' means "hey what's goin' on?"
MAN 1: Hey buddy-P, what's crackalackin'?

MAN 2: Nota mucho, homeslice.
by D to da O to da DOUBLE N A December 01, 2003
groovy, hoppin'
This place is crackalackin'
by chunkette2005 March 22, 2010
basically, it mean's doing.
what's crackalackin' homie?
by jamini sue January 21, 2009
Slang for "cracker lacking" meaning that the party or event is lacking in the attendance of Crackers (lame white people in the eyes of urban black community); insinuating that the party only has hip fun-loving black people.
"Man," said Marty "This party's Crackalackin'!"
by just a lil whisper ;) & Sindi August 01, 2013
Used primarily by Snoop Dogg in a series of his songs. It refers to the task of cracking a cigar in order to fill it with marijuana to be smoked.
"...'Cause I'm rollin', Deep holein', Click clacking, Crackalackin' , Full packing...." - Snoop
by brandonchar January 06, 2012
Level one: It's off da hook in this bitch.
Level two: Goin down in here.
Level Three: Everythings swell.
Gentleman 1: Hey man.
Gentleman 2: Yo G whats happanin?
Gentleman 1: I'm chillin at da club. It's crackalackin in this bitch!
by Stir Fry December 30, 2004

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