same as crackin, just a little more animated.
the party was crackalackin
by Ryan November 11, 2003
Comes from cracking, as in "let's get cracking" or "let's get started"
I better get cracka-lackin on cleaning my room!
by kierston. October 07, 2005
waddup or whats goin on...but the better way of sayin it instead of lookin lame as hell
1.Yo cuz whats crack-a-lackin'?
by Miss Jordan<3 November 24, 2005
A greeting commonly used by todays ghetto children.
Whats crackalackin with the booty smackin?
by Alyssa July 27, 2003
(adj/adv) To have run out of crackers.
"Honey, give me some crackers from the fridge"
"I can't, dear, we crackalackin"
by pax967 May 07, 2012
A term used in such situations when something is considered "awesome" or "cool" (for lack of a better word).
That Yo-Yo Ma concert was crackalackin', word up!
by Carolynizzle May 07, 2005
a term used to describe a party or group which is lacking of Caucasians, or "crackas".
This party is crackalackin! we're the only white people here!
by aminataurrr April 30, 2011
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