A phrase used as an exclamtion of joy. Derived from a term used by Blacks when they were happy that there were no White people, or 'Crackas' present; hence, Cracka lacking.

Synonym: Cool
'Madagascar' waz fackin' CRACKA LACKIN!!!
by mothafatha June 07, 2005
use as u would use what's cracking? replace crackin with crack-a-lackin'
what's crack-a-lackin'??
by carebearbaby March 20, 2004
another of saying "wats up"
Whats crack a lackin? You and her been hitting it on lately?
#wats up #yo homie #been hittin it #fuck yea #yo
by Bam Valo October 23, 2007
Synonymous with the commonly used phrase, "What's up"? Used by one who is looking to find an agenda of recent events.

The phrase "What's crack-a-lackin'?" originated in ghettos, and was used by thugs and gangsters to find out the news about any recent crimes committed in the area ('crack-a-lack' is derived from sound a gun makes when fired).
Guy 1: "Ay yo Tito, what's crack-a-lackin'?"

Guy 2: "Nothin my nig, but I heard that JoJo got whacked last night at da club."

Guy 1: "Fo real yo? I heard they was poppin' off, but I ain't know JoJo was whilin like that!"
#what's up #wassup #whaddup #what's poppin #what's the 411
by Britttttttt August 16, 2006
An ancient African phrase for "Whats happening?"
Whats cracka-lackin'?
by Longinus December 05, 2003
It means Whats Happinin'. OR Whats up?
Whats crackalackin' Homee G Dawg?
by Lindsay January 22, 2004
Usually means "What's up?" However, it can be interpreted as "cracker lacking," lacking in the presense or essense of white people.
"We keep it crackalackin up in here."
by smart black guy September 24, 2003
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