anyone working for the government. Such as lawyers and police also a term for white people.
Crackas be givin niggas 100 years
by killacrackaquick May 19, 2008
Cream crackers made from Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Raising Agents and Yeast.
Can be covered in butter.
Found in kitchen cupboard if lucky.
Hey Cowpig, I've just found some crackas.
by mceggy January 07, 2006
Coined in the early 21st century, used by Atlanta area whites to refer to each other in a brotherly way. Akin to 'nigga'.
Yo what's poppin' my cracka?
by Lil Wizard February 27, 2005
A white person. An insult. skeet
Look at that Cracka over there acting like he black
by braydon September 01, 2004
used by the black man to put the white man down. created by Mr. jefferson when being called a nigger he retaliated by creating words to call white people.
man u crackas got the smallest dicks eva

man crack where you learn how to dance
by onebigcracka May 01, 2005
insulting term for aryan... a race of humans that all throughout history have been badasses & beat the living shit out of all who oppose them.
that cracka just broked my skull wit a baa-bah bat!
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
1.crispy treat that you spread butter or jelly over while having dinner 2. a white person
Ex. 1: Please pass the crackers.
Ex. 2: Yo what up craka ass bizzzitch
by ROCK' N' ROLL July 16, 2003

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