A derogatory (i guess it can be) word used to refer to a white person (white people had a 200-300 year headstart on racism, black people just want to catch up and hispanics, well, we just like to mess with people)
Ayo cracka, run me them pockets
by Dub-Fresh December 21, 2006
A derogotory slur used by blacks to mock whites. But for some reason, it doesn't qualify as 'hate speech'.
Black man 1: Look at that honky cracka!

Black Man 2: For sure, my nigga
by Trance750 February 13, 2010
An "Insult" often used by non-whites to whites meants to offend, but white people don't really care. People think that making us go back to owning people and land will offend us, but it really just doesn't. Often considered the opposite of "nigga".
WHite guy :Hi I'm white.
Black Guy : You's a cracka, nigga.
White guy: No, I don't own people, nor land. Now I'm sad about it, and going to go cry.
Black guy: Ok, have fun.
WHite guy: Love you too nigga.
Black Guy: *shoots*
by AgentKitty May 06, 2010
A white male that's giving a person a hard time. Derived from slavery, the white man with the whip.
Corporate Thuggin'- Man eminem dissed you on that track, why didn't you say somethin'?

Young Jeezy- Because I'm a fat nigga, and I don't eat Crackas.
by Von J November 07, 2007
(n) White, pasty, saltine cracker. Usually crunchy, but sometimes soggy.

Used as an insult to describe white folk. White version of 'nigga'.
White guy: "Hey, what's up mah' cracka'? Where mah' crackas at?"
by Whitey Tighty April 26, 2010
A derogatory term for any pale and/or white individual who cracks & peel from the Life-giving SUN..
This cracka is trying 2 peel away from the SUN 2 find some shade.
by Neo Morpheus January 19, 2015
A term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not white. At times referenced to as the "c-word".
White man 1 to white man 2: What up cracka?
White man 2: Not much cracka. what bout you white chocolate?

Black man: What up crackas?
White group: Why u use the c-word man? We the only ones who can use it.
by Cracka5000 February 27, 2009
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