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A derogatory term for white people.
"That stupid motha fuckin' cracka ass cracka!"
by Adam Milton May 06, 2005
A person who is incredibly white and/or cracka-like.
Man, you aint nothin but a cracka ass cracka...
by mikey dizzle March 14, 2005
1. A white person that goes out of his/her way to act as white as possible, especially in the presence of other whites, in order to not be accused of being a wigger.

2. A non-white person who acts in a stereotypical white way in order to be accepted by whites, even though very few white people actually act this way.
1. "Hey, did anyone see Toby Keith's cowboy boots in the new Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue??"

"Man, how white are you trying to be?? Quit being such a cracka ass cracka!"

2. "I just tell all my friends that I like soul music, mexican food and Denzel Washington. I actually prefer Barbra Streisand, fishing and cleaning my shotgun."

"Man, I'm white and I hate all that shit! Quit being a cracka ass cracka!"
by the spectre April 07, 2006
to make funn of a white person by using thier colourr!
get yo ass over here you fucknig cracka-ass cracka
by Gaviin April 11, 2007
dayum white bread, cracka mo fugga.
dayum, dat cracka ass cracka dun stoled my shizzle, nizzle.
by temolate March 17, 2005
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