used to refer to women who have very flat asses. their lack of an ass makes it appear as though they just have a butt crack on their backs.
that skinny chick has a crack back.
by mr.pubes February 03, 2006
Top Definition
lower back problems due to injestion of crack cocaine, peruvian marching powder, bolivian addicto inflicto or any other form of cocaine.
Although Dano fell off a ladder putting up house decorations and was using enormous amounts of cocaine; he blamed his bad back on carrying a few books into a customers house telling everybody, "It couldn't be crackBack!"
by Dan Heien November 01, 2007
Coca Cola's response to Pepsi Throwback. They're going back to their roots by putting cocaine in their Coca Cola.
Damn, this Coca Cola Crackback is good!
by Senior Caesar April 06, 2010
1. (noun) The white or gray film that forms on the inside of a glass dick after smoking crystal meth.

2. (verb) The act of "melting" the aforementioned film off of the glass dick while inhaling the resulting smoke in an attempt to get high after you've smoked all your d.

3. (verb) The action and reaction of recrystalization of crystal meth when melted completely and then cooled.
Look at all the crack back on the inside of this pipe! Someone must have smoked a teener to their dome.

My roomate smoked the rest of my shabs and now I'm stuck cracking back!

I can't believe this shit is good! It's actually cracked back!
by Shabarella June 28, 2005
When a person experiences a flashback to a time they were partying on drugs.
"Whoa, seeing that powder just gave me a crackback to that time we did a eight ball."
by ScrollThunder March 20, 2012
A humpback (someone with a large hump on their back)who is either on crack or sells crack. They are most commonly found on street corners and in dark alleys. Almost every town has their own crack-back who supplys them with crack and/or a good laugh, because a guy with a big hump on his back is fuckin funny.
Erik- Dude, wanna go pwn those noobs jamie and heather in foosball again?
Jake- Hell yeah... but lets crackalax for an hour or so before we go
Erik- Aight. But where are we gonna get the crack mayne?
Jake- Don't worry i know this crack-back who is always hangin out behind taco bell... we can score some off him
Erik- Word.
by Wlnga September 23, 2006
Someone who has been on for a long time or is just currently on meth.
wow that dude look scary crackback.
by jtizz420 December 27, 2008
when the crack on a person's skull is resealed or reformed.
he was a crackhead so we tried putting a wet towel on his head so he would crackback (like meth).
by cow1 June 11, 2008
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