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Any Person who is extreamly obsessed with crack.

Someone who LOVES crack
My son is a happy "Crack Hoe".

Like you really believe I would concider dating this "Crack Hoe".
by Frankie February 10, 2005
a real nasty bitch, the kind of slut with more VD than a VC, and sells herself for tricks to fund her crack habit
by stee .b January 14, 2003
a slut or hoe that smokes crack; see hoe
Damn. since Vikki has been dating that pothead Chris, shes become a real crackhoe.
by Latisha February 18, 2005
A sleasy female who exchanges sex favours in return for crack. Can mean someone who's got a crack and is addicted to sex as in always willing to get one up her crack.
Nicky came from Bury St Edmunds. Was a nice girl once but turned into a right dirty crackhoe and would sleep with anyone, anytime just to get one up her crack.
by swine fever May 03, 2009
a slut, whore , a hoe who smokes crack; see hoe
Damn, since Vikki has been dating Chris that pothead, she's become a real crackhoe.
by Freakalisha February 18, 2005
comes from the word "crackwhore" means a stupid male/female that has done something uncalled for, then they are called crackhoes.
1)Shut up you stupid crackhoe!
2)That crackhoe just took my money!
by Jennifaa March 03, 2005