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1. a residence occupied by crack fiends, used for the purpose of smoking, distrubuting, and producing crack
2. editing bay used for film editing which has been lived in for 13+ hours, must contain empty sparks cans, at least one bloody mattress, cracked out film students
Lee got stabbed in the face when he tried to steal a crack rock from Terry Schiavo in the crack den.
by Richard Kim May 14, 2005
Camden, NJ: America's criminillest city...
Yo, we're rollin' over to Crackden to score some wet. You need anything?
by lubenso79 December 11, 2005
A room in a house used solely for smoking weed.
We of to the crack den to get stoned, Budgie?
by UKJuggalizzo November 05, 2003

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