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someone who did something really stupid or retarded.
You crack baby! Why did you say a black joke in front of the Principle!
by Rubymaster5 August 21, 2009
A mix of to fiction all characters of there possible children such as many have made children with AxelxRoxas and EdwardxRoy
OMG AruRoku's crack babies looks adorble
by Walkingpalmtree January 19, 2009
1. A baby of a crack whore that is deformed.
2. A person you know that is high and acting retarded or unable to control themselves. Not a functioning social user.
3. A person that is addicted and jonesing for some of whatever they are addicted to, unable to obtain what they need they appear to be a crack baby.
I smoked a bowl and went to the Spring concert. I avoided crack baby status by keeping it together.
by nick May 15, 2006
A baby conceived with crack jizz, which is produced in the testes of a man who smokes, snorts, or injects cocaine with or into his penis.
Sam: Damn, that bitch is UGLY.
Anna: Yeah, her dad probably shoots crack jizz. She must be a crack baby.
Sam: Man, I feel bad for those crack babies...
by LeSmidgen March 29, 2009
A description or nickname of someone who is extremely addicted to drugs such as meth, coke, crack, acid, mushrooms, oxycotton, dmt, pcp, and any other hallucinogen, stimulant, suppressant, or intoxication.
"Hey Crack Baby! Let's get some mushrooms tonight, I'm already seeing ghosts from being awake for 3 weeks."
by Vicious Rizz July 15, 2008
A child swapped at birth for crack cocaine by the crack-whore (mother)
you are a crack baby.
by Xx_gOfFiC_xX November 14, 2006
(1) An individual who bases his or her beliefs on unfounded and unsubstantiated rumors. These individuals constantly spout endless phsychobabble about their distorted view of the world. Also can be a person who has a belief, but for some ODD reason cannot explain the core reason behind this belief.
(2) An individual who takes potshots in a debate and makes character assasinations to avoid the subject matter of the person questioning him/her.
(3) A ignorant "ghetto" wanna-be pimp of the worst type, whether he/she be an (A)Digital Pimp or (B)Real life pimp. A person concerened only with material possesions. These individuals' mental state is usually marked by an over-agressive nature, extreme piggishnish to the opposite sex, are overly concerned with material posseions, and frequently use the word "hater" to attempt to weasel out of debates and launch character assasinations on persons of opposite viewpoints.
(4)A child born via a mother who abuses drugs.
"You ignorant, self absorbed crack baby!"
by EditorMG March 01, 2004